easy way to quickly level up Durango Wild Lands

Almost all games in the world must have a system level, no exception Durango. a level in Durango itself is very important.

when you level up then your sp number will increase so you can claim more skills that will be useful for your character.

skills also depend on the level, where the type of skill can only reach a max level that is proportional to the level of the character itself.

so also the unstable island, every 5 levels rise then the new island will open.

from some of the things I described above, there are still many usefulness levels such as raising stamina, blood, etc.

Fast way to level up

Go to the island higher

First go to the island higher than your character level, although the dinosaurs are stronger but the resulting XP is also bigger.

there are some things you can do to get many levels on the higher islands:

Go on a mission


example mission
how to fast level up in Durango can you can by running mission on higher island. The mission of unstable island gk must always kill the dino. most missions are mission collection and mission crafting.

usually once the mission on the island higher level you can get 4-10% XP depending on your character level s.

the greater your character level the smaller the xp gratuity you will get.

not just XP, with a mission you can also get t stone, rather for adding income.

even if you get a mission to kill dino, you can ask for help to friends or people around there.

killing missions will usually get a larger xp depending on the difficulty.

so than you are on a mission on an island of equivalent or lower level you are better off on a mission on an island level higher than your character level.

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 Opponents of dino and spam skills.

while your missions will be delayed you can fill the time by hunting monsters or performing skill spans.

to fight dino you can use your pet as your protector. I own a bow user.

so when I want to fight a dino that has a level higher than my level I will usually run to avoid attacks first while waiting for my enemy to target the pets that I use.

XP given is usually also big, gk lose the same XP underwent the mission. so gk no harm in buying / catching pets that have a lot of blood like centro, protosaurus etc.

further spam skills. while waiting for mission delay, you can see to skill section. what skills have the lowest level.

if it feels there then gk no harm if you do spam skills.

for example:

I have a skill level of building and gathering that is left behind. so while waiting for my delay missions collect lots of wooden beams and make wooden chairs to build and gather me up skills.

Enter clan and Use the delicious effects

a quick way up the next level can be done by entering the clan. By entering the clan you can get a large enough XP that is about 10%, pretty good is not it?

if for example, you get 1000 xp by entering clan you can get more 100xp.

the more delicious the effect is permanent so long as you are still in the clan this effect will continue to stick to your character.

besides entering clan pension effect xp also you can get by eating food.

but the food you eat must be cooked first, can be sate or made bbq stone plate.

The more xp given is about 3% and has a certain duration depending on the food you make.

if the clan effect coupled with the effects of favors combined, open it is unlikely your character will be faster leveling up too is not it?

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so that the faster level up you can buy drugs to reduce fatigue, so there is no obstacle for you who play quickly up the level . i hope some of the above tips can help and see you.

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