guide: how to quickly get t-stone / money durango wild lands

RDurango wild lands is a nexon RPG game that is currently booming. sangking boom shortly after the global release of this game directly medapat ranked 1 in the play store beat other rpg games.

This game itself is very complex where you have to defend yourself from the hard world of dinosaurs.

many things you should do like cooking, hunting, farming, etc.

like any other rpg game, durango also has an in-game money system called t-stone.

with t-stone you can buy anything you want like weapons, seeds, clothes etc from other players.

but many are wondering how the hell is the quick way to find the t-stone. whether by always following the quest or there are other ways.

how to quickly search for T-stone

do you know if in durango there is a market name of the island ?. the island market is a place where you can buy and sell items to all players on the island.

remember only the island where you open the island market menu. in the sense that each island means having a different and unrelated market, including the unstable island.

to open the island market itself is quite easy. you just need to open the menu at the bottom of the screen, then search the island market menu on the right.

this time I will share 3 easy ways to find t stone and certainly not with mission, but rely on the island market itself. so just let’s start

1. What kind of analysis is needed on the island.

the first way you can analyze what is needed on the island you go to, this way almost 100% successfully done in the unstable island.

How to?

first visit to unstable island if you can go to unstable island which is smaller level in appeal your character level.

after that take some missions and see if there are any items that need to be made and deposited to drop off.

for example on some islands I have ever met missions to deposit proto slurry, stone slabs, planks, charcoal etc.

well this is what you should use, selling goods in there on the mission. Why?

Example mision

1. many people are looking for xp

some people choose to go to the island higher than their own level in order to quickly get xp, so obviously there is a chance he / she does not take the skills necessary to complete the quest.

2. clashing with expertise

imagine if you choose a job as a builder and suddenly you are told to deposit goods that are not part of your skills like charcoal.

instead of throwing sp spams only for 1 mission would you prefer to buy the item is not it?

3. clashing with sp

although his skills are related but if sp is gone what else?

guaranteed if you properly memperaktekannya sure your goods quickly sold. and remember you have to sell it on the target island, do not sell it on your domain or on another island.

besides unstable island, this also applies in stable islan like tamed island and savage island. but I would rather recommend it on an unstable island.

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2. Take advantage of price differences between islands

as I said above that the different islands also different markets. well that’s something you can use next.

walk to other islands and see the market as often as possible, and prepare a book to record the name of the island.

first you have to target first what items you want to buy and sell, write and make a list.

after that start hunting stuff from island to island and look for the lowest price possible.


Target Island

this time I tried to target to the raptor items that are tamed. and I found the price that I think is cheap ie 4k t stone.

and it turns out on my target island (tamed island) raptor prices are in the range of 7k +. so I can sell it for 6k + or 7k.


Cheap price

but in doing this way you should not be of origin. there are some things to think about them:

1. Level

First think about the level of players you will sell. for example my gini is on stable island lv 40.

well, usually I sell my goods on the tamed island which usually has a player level 1-35.

with reference above then I should sell items that have a small level, the smaller the better.

especially for the size of clothing items, weapons, equipment, and animals that have a minimal level to use them.

it’s useless if I sell an item in this case an animal, which has a level of 40+. anyway if there are buyers he can make gk.

2. specification of goods.

on some items such as shirts and weapons have different specifications such as attack power, endurance and buff.

so when you want to buy a weapon or a shirt do not just look at the level, pay attention also buffnya more and more expensive also the selling price.

3. Take advantage of your skills

it turns out that each other’s expertise is connected to each other, so you can be a supplier of one of the goods for your island or other islands.

in this case I take the skills as a farmer so I have a lot of seeds and fruit crops.


one of them is corn seed. the corn seed itself is hard to get, I get this seed from the missing box.

so I tried to sell this seed and the results of my merchandise sold in many places.

not just farmers, other jobs can also do this by doing a small research.

whatever ingredients are needed from your job, such as a chef looking for food that adds a lot of stamina or very important medicines, blacksmith make the weapon as good as possible and have a good buff, etc.

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Those are some tips on how to find t stone easily. I myself most often live the third way because the result is satisfactory and can all increase my farming skills. consequently per day I can get more than 30k t stone, pretty right, hopefully help.

oh yes if any questions or criticism and suggestions about durango comment only below and if this artikle useful share to your friends.

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